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Half Dome Travel Scalar Kit with Frequency Generator

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Travel Scalar Kit – Half Dome: $369+ shipping

o The Half Dome Kit powerfully transmutes, structures, and chembusts a wide area. The orgonite half dome provides a feminine energy that is gentle and encompassing. The tensor ring facilitates negative ionization on all levels and dimensions. Together, the dome and tensor ring firmly anchor high vibrational frequencies to actively emanate zero point energy across a wide range. Perfect for amplifying the existing scalar waves when out doing earth grid work or traveling.

o The field of influence of both the Half Dome and the Tensor ring’s pairing expands by the monsoon coil up to a 2-mile radius (4-mile diameter).

o Anything you place on top of the scalar amplifier plate, including the Half Dome orgonite becomes infused with the frequencies played through the amplifier.

Travel Scalar Kit – Half Dome Includes:

 Scalar Amplifier Body with scalar plate, which can be both battery powered or plugged into a wall
 1 12 pt tesseract scalar plate

 1 18 pt tesseract scalar plate

 1 flower of life scalar plate
 Power cord, wall plug and an Aux cord to plug into a frequency playing device (mp3, phone, tablet, or computer- not included with kit)
1 tensor ring (made by Brothers of Gaia)

1 Frequency Generator

1 Frequencies of Rifing Book

 1 Half Dome orgonite by Golden Sun Orgone

• The orgonite dome consists of Copper; Shungite; Quartz; Alchemical ormes; Graphene honey; Polyatomic gold; Copper; Silver; Palladium; Zinc; Iron; Gans; Patrick Flanagan Crystal magic; a Neodymium magnet; Pine sap; Lotus sap; Shilajit: Chlorophyll; and Blue cypress essential oil


 All items are infused with amplified frequencies played into scalar waves before they are sent.
 Scalar energy is zero point energy and we charge every order on the scalar amplifying devices before sending out.
 To learn more about scalar tap in with me on Instagram @amethystflame333