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Home Kit with Rifing Book

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Home Kit: $555 + shipping

o Home Scalar Amplifier Description:
 The Home Scalar kit is perfect for aligning your home space to the highest most optimal vibration
 The tablet generates frequencies that go through the amplifier and then into the scalar plate
 The scalar plate resonates with these frequencies and structures them through specific geometries (merkaba, tesseract, flower of life)
 These pulsed electromagnetic frequencies then resonate through the 8 sided orgonite pyramid
 The Tensor ring anchors in a pillar of light.

Home Scalar Amplifier kit includes the following:

 Copper plate
 Scalar amplification plate with Merkaba coil
 Tesseract plate
 Flower of life plate
 Tensor ring
 Tablet with frequency apps

 Rifing Book
 2 channel amp
 8 sided Orgonite pyramid 
 Aux cord
 Speaker wires and plugs


Orgonite contains the following

• Copper, Shungite, Quartz, alchemical ormes, graphene honey, polyatomic gold copper silver palladium zinc, iron gans, patrick Flanagan Crystal magic, neodymium magnet.

• There is also pine sap lotus sap shilajit chlorophyll blue cypress essential oil


 All items are infused with amplified frequencies played into scalar waves before they are sent.
 Scalar energy is zero point energy and we charge every order on the scalar amplifying devices before sending out.
 To learn more about scalar tap in with me on Instagram @amethystflame333 to get access to the Telegram