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Third Eye Chakra Scalar Kit

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Third Eye Chakra Scalar Kit

These scalar kits amplify the existing scalar energy by intentionally playing frequencies through specific geometry that harmonizes polarity and excites scalar energy.

The third eye chakra kit has Lapis Lazuli centered at the top of the orgonite pyramid. Lapis Lazuli will help you to keep your third eye protected when you are in your breathwork and mediations. Lapis Lazuli will also remind you of your deep vast wisdom by aligning you to the Divine vision of the Infinite.

The Orgone Pyramid also contains a colombianite - “The Lightning Stone” a tektite from Colombia. The Muisca people have worked with this stone for a very long time and say it is a gift from the sky. I call it the unmoved Buddha - deeply rooted in Earth connected to the crown and unmoved by all illusions.

Frequency for the color indigo - 640

Keys for the Third Eye - Perception, faith, going within, rebirth

Kit includes -

One lapis lazuli third eye chakra attuned orgone pyramid by Tha Divine Torus
One scalar energy device
One aux cord
One usb power cord

Orgone created by @thadivinetorus

Orgone ingredients
Copper, Shungite powder, Quartz sand, alchemical ormes, graphene honey, copper wire, copper shavings, copper silver palladium zinc iron gans, golden spiral copper